Photos and Figures

An Assortment of Photos and Figures From The Team:

The Keynote Address at Eckerd Science Symposium

The Keynote Address at the Eckerd Science Symposium

Griffin lab in 2009 – Pictured left to right:

Patrick Griffin (Professor and Chair), Kumar Naresh (Research Associate), Mary Krosky (Administrative Assistant Senior), Bruce Pascal (Scientific Software Engineer),Scott Busby (Sr. Staff Scientist), Scott Novick (Research Technician), Mike Chalmers (Sr. Staff Scientist), Scooter Willis (Research Programmer), Jun Zhang(Research Associate), Monica Istrate (Research Associate), Daniel Policastro (Research Technician), Xi Zhang (Research Associate) and Ruben Garcia(Research Assistant).

Group members not shown: Rachelle Landgraf (Research Associate)


Sunset at Scripps Florida